Construction sites are notoriously dangerous. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more injuries every year in the construction industry than in any other profession. OSHA reports that 1 in every 10 construction personnel is injured annually, thus making the non-fatal injury rate 71 percent higher than any other industry.

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Workers Compensation

Here is a brief overview of seven common construction site accidents:

  1. Falling Tools

Construction sites are constantly changing, which can lead to disorganization. Loose tools sometimes fall from significant heights, which can cause severe head injuries.

Even with the protection of a hard hat, a heavy tool can damage the head, neck or spine. Companies should provide safety nets or other measures to protect workers from falling objects.

  1. Electrocution

Incomplete electrical systems and exposed wires can threaten the safety of workers. Employees require extensive training before working with electricity. Electrocution can cause permanent scars, disabilities or even death.

  1. Caught-in-between Accidents

Construction work often involves heavy equipment and vehicles. These can easily crush or trap workers, killing them or causing life-threatening injuries.

It is important for companies to have procedures in place to prevent these accidents. Supervisors should oversee the operation of heavy machinery. These injuries are almost always avoidable.

  1. Slipping or Tripping

Construction sites are often littered with tripping hazards. A slip, trip and fall can cause severe fractures, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries or worse. The spine and neck are particularly vulnerable.

To prevent these accidents, workers should store loose tools and other tripping hazards in a safe area. The construction company must enforce a “clutter-free site” policy.

  1. Falling from Heights

According to the CDC, falls are the leading cause of worker-related deaths, accounting for one-third of the total number of fatalities in the industry. Workers must climb to perform many duties, and flimsy scaffoldings and ladders do a poor job of keeping them safe. Workers should use rope harnesses when working from heights.

  1. Explosions

There are enough gas lines, explosives, chemicals, electrical sparks and flammable liquids on a construction site to cause massive fires and explosions. The tiniest spark can endanger the entire crew. The construction company should provide storage areas for flammable materials, and workers must have enough training to handle them properly.

  1. Collapses

Tunnels, trenches and walls often collapse on construction sites. Workers must reinforce buildings at several stages of construction in order to prevent these accidents.

If you were injured on a construction site, then you may be able to make a claim for workers’ compensation. However, employers and insurance companies are sometimes reluctant to pay victims what they deserve.

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