In 2019, there were 5,333 fatal occupational injuries, with construction and extraction occupations accounting for 1,066 – the highest figure since 2007, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For this reason, construction companies have a legal obligation to keep worksites safe and minimize the risk of injuries.

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Here are the 10 most common injuries on construction sites:

  1. Head Injuries

Head trauma is a real risk in the construction industry. Tools and other heavy, sharp objects frequently fall from significant heights. Workers must wear hardhats to prevent head injuries.

  1. Burns

Exposed wires, flammable chemicals and similar burn dangers litter construction sites. These injuries leave terrible scars and can disfigure victims for life.

  1. Lacerations

Nails, faulty tools, malfunctioning equipment and falling objects can all lacerate workers. Without treatment, infection is possible. Companies must provide protective clothing and gear to keep their workers safe.

  1. Back Injuries

If a worker severs his or her spinal cord, then disability or paralysis is likely. There must be safety nets or quality harnesses for those working at dizzying heights.

  1. Amputations

Most tools, equipment and machinery on a construction site are able to rip limbs off quite easily. However, most amputations occur after the accident, usually in an attempt to save the person’s life.

  1. Bone Injuries

Construction workers regularly suffer bone-crushing and bone-breaking accidents. According to OSHA, caught-in-between accidents usually involve heavy machinery and equipment.

  1. Heatstroke

Construction workers labor in all weather. In Arizona, temperatures can skyrocket. Exposed to the sun and overexerted, heatstroke is a real danger. It causes heart, brain and kidney failure, and can be fatal.

  1. Stress Injuries

Stress injuries typically occur gradually. They are the results of constant physical and repetitive movement, such as lifting, bending or moving in ways that can create stress injuries over time.

  1. Loss of Vision

Workers must protect their faces and eyes, particularly if welding, grinding or working with toxic gases and chemicals. Flying projectiles, extreme light and chemical exposure can cause blindness.

  1. Hearing Loss

Construction sites are loud. The noise of heavy machines and equipment is constant, and hearing loss is a common complaint. Workers should wear earplugs, and companies must enforce this rule.

If you or a loved one was injured on a construction site, contact the Rudolph & Hammond Law Firm. A Scottsdale accident attorney can gather evidence, structure your claim, handle settlement negotiations and litigate your case if it goes to court. Call 480-951-9700 to schedule a consultation.

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